Tag Active East Kilbride

2 Glenburn Road, East Kilbride
G74 5BA
Tel: 01355 224 265

Opening Hours

Friday 3pm - 9pm Last session 7.45pm
Saturday 11am - 6pm Last session 4.45pm
Sunday 11am - 6pm Last session 4.45pm
Monday - Thursday Closed
Bank holidays & school holidays (Mon-Thurs) 11am - 6pm Last session 4.45pm


Standard session
Up to 10 participants
£10.95 per person
+ £ 7.95 per additional session
Group booking
20+ participants
£9.45 per person
Group booking
30+ participants
£8.95 per person
Multi-visit pass | 5 sessions £40 per person
(£8.00 per session)
Multi-visit pass | 10 sessions £75 per person
(£7.50 per session)

Parking and Accessibility

  • Free car parking
  • Toilets and baby changing available
  • Accessible via bus and rail routes

Age Restrictions

  • Strictly aged 10 and over


There is a wide range of hot and food choices available on site.


Our Gamified Obstacle Course is set for players of all abilities, from Military Mavens to First Timers.

Cargo deck maze climb tower

A vertical tower maze of cargo net surfaces to manoeuvre over and under to reach the tags.

Translucent lit ball pool

Dig deep into the room filled with translucent balls to find the transponders hidden beneath. Look out for the glow that will give the most points.

Rope climb challenge

3 Ropes to climb of different difficulty levels with the applicable points score at the top of each rope.

Wall jump challenge

Make it over the wall and get the points, you may need to work with a team member to achieve this challenge

Angled cargo net

An angled cargo net with tags to reach through and climb for, the higher you go the more points they are worth.

Transverse wall tower

2 separate angled traverse climbing walls located within a large tower. Pick your route wisely to reach the tags.

Giant ball hop

Can you make it across all the giant ball events and reach the TAGs, you have to take your time on each one and even jump up from each ball to reach the roof tags.

Clear spider wall

Jump up and see if you can hold onto the walls either side and climb up and along the wall to reach the tags in the roof.

Lookout crawl

This lookout crawl projects out from the front of the structure at 5m in the air. Players will need to
crawl out and along the clear floor hitting the tags as they go! Can your nerves take you to the end...?